Traffic Manager is a customer facing iOS app that allows customers to request and manage traffic control on the go.

Two flaggers at a jobsite


Contracted customers often order repeat jobs (same traffic control, different date). The pricing is the same, so they don't need a new quote. It doesn't make sense to make them coordinate with someone at TMI and go through the same process over and over.

How can we make ordering traffic control easier and more efficient than calling dispatch to explain what they need and when.

Needs & Goals

  • Streamline traffic control requests management
  • Improve communication between customers and dispatch
  • Reduce miscommunications between customers, dispatch, and field employees
  • Keep the customer informed on the status of their traffic request.

Our Work

We developed all parts of the application from inception to building the mobile backend to getting it hosted in the App Store.


  • Customers can set the exact location they need traffic control. They can use a text box to search for a location or interact with the map. They can even move the pin to an exact intersection or side of the road.
  • Traffic control types mean customers don't need to describe what they need. They can select a diagram of pre-selected traffic control types and add notes as needed.
iPad showing location selection in the traffic control request flow
sketches and design exploration for app icon sketches and design for app navigation
Details step in traffic control request flow


Customers can now clearly communicate with Traffic Management because they both share the same set of data. No more phone calls, faxes, or endless email confusion.

Customer can review all the details and the status of the their request at any time. This reduces miscommunications and saves time.


Always Available

Customers can view their requests at any time. They will always be able to find out the details and status of their traffic control request.

Duplicate Requests

Customers can skip the request process and save time by duplicating a request and changing the time.


Users can submit screenshots of any issues they might encounter. This automatically creates a Jira ticket for our team.

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