Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI) is a large and well-established traffic management and safety company. They have over 700 employees in 15 offices, and growing. We built them a responsive website.

screen showing old TMI website tiny in the center of the screen with no responsiveness


TMI had not significantly updated their website in years, and it looked it (yes, it was that small). Their site had outdated content, small photos, and it was difficult to navigate. Their primary call to action, “Get a Quote,” was difficult to find.

TMI's Website has Several Functions:

  • Communicate their services and drive new business.
  • Highlight that there are many TMI locations.
  • Show company culture and what it’s like to work at TMI. Many people come to the site looking for employment. Also provide a way for people to apply for employment.
  • Client portal: extended communication with clients beyond the Request for Quote (RFQ).


  • Big visual update
  • Highlight their wide variety of services and work zone safety
  • A WordPress blog
  • A product catalog
  • Employment application services
  • A client portal


  • Increase RFQs
  • Show company culture and reflect the company’s success
  • Increase their traffic and session times
  • Reach a wider audience
ideation meeting, group using post-its
man sketching on whiteboard

Our Work

Our main points of contact at TMI were Jon Spano, Chief Operating Officer, and Renee Hernandez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. After discussing TMI's needs and goals, design began sketching layouts. We moved into the prototyping and testing phase. InVision was used to present designs and get feedback.

Our relationship with TMI was a partnership. They provided all the copy and we happily worked with their photographer, Jonathan Alcorn.

sketches and final product page layout sketches and final product page layout

Our Work

This site is more complex than a template. It gave us the opportunity to have fun and build new features.


  • The location page checks the user's location and automatically shows the nearest TMI location.
  • Custom traffic control icons work within the Glyphicons system.
  • Integrated a WordPress blog so TMI employees can keep the blog updated themselves.
  • The client portal is cloud-based, fully-distributed and built to scale and accommodate growth.
  • Prospective employees can view open positions, read job descriptions, and apply for a position on the website. Future Traffic Controllers watch a video that explains the position and take a Pre-Employment Flagging Test before submitting an application.
Previews on a tablet and a phone
Website shown on 4 different devices


Page Analytics

  • +20.42% increase in sessions
  • +24.62% increase in new users to the site
  • +3.98 increase in pages per session
  • +14.52 increase to session duration


High Quality Photography

Large, beautiful photos showcase what life at Traffic Management, Inc. entails and the variety of work TMI does.

Retina Ready

The site looks great on any device. We implemented vector SVGs for all icons and use retina, responsive photos.

Fully Responsive

We built and tested the entire site on a wide range of device sizes, from mobile through extra large devices.

Product Catalog

TMI has nine categories of products, like vehicles & trailers, channelization devices, and signs. The product catalog has search, filters, and a detail page for each product.


TMI employees post company news and community events TMI participates in.

Client Portal

Customers can request traffic control on any device from anywhere.

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