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The Challenges of Daily Construction Reporting

By Mike Henstridge

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

According to a recent survey conducted, superintendents, subcontractors, and general managers all sited daily reporting as one of their top challenges. This is an indicator of a growing concern regarding their ability to keep track of critical information, report incidents, review and update construction reports all while managing their current projects.

Deadlines, resource management, procuring new business, and staff management all followed daily reporting on the list of concerns and all of these can be improved by accurate, efficient daily reporting. Recognizing the value in reporting isn’t the issue. Any professional knows that accurate reporting is a vital part of compliance and a best practice of operating a construction business.

That said, it’s important not to underestimate the challenges of daily reporting. Below are the top 3 challenges, according to industry professionals:

Finding the Time

The first and most all-encompassing challenge that we heard across the board was finding the time to sit down, compile, and complete daily reporting while trying to grow their business. This boils down to time management, an essential skill for any Contractor or Project Manager.

Time management is challenging for many managers, but there are strategies that you can utilize to help you stay on track, enabling you to complete your daily reporting with time to spare. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Communication is key– When you are informed, it’s a lot easier to create your reports. If you’re not spending time tracking down the people who can tell you what went on over the course of the day, you will have more time to complete the daily reporting.
  • Be present– If you’re spending your day at a desk, you won’t have any idea what’s happening at the job site. Even if you’re in communication with the people there, it’s still smart to make an appearance at least once throughout the day. You can see for yourself what progress has been made, what’s left to be done, and ask the questions that will improve your reporting.
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule-If you’re not sure what you’re doing for the day when you arrive at the office, that’s not a good sign. It’s important that you treat your time as a valuable commodity. Create a schedule, and stick with it! Incorporate time for report writing at the end of the day. If you start out with a general timeframe for your daily activities in your mind, it’s a lot easier to get back on track if your schedule gets derailed.

Finding an Industry-Specific Reporting Tool

Another challenge we heard was that most reporting tools are too broad, lacking specific categories, reports and items of compliance required in their business. Enter FiveSixTwo, we can build the best of cloud and mobile technology to delivery powerful construction reporting, providing for safety compliance, risk mitigation, user-friendly reporting and automatic compilation of daily reports.



The Need for a Reliable, Affordable Method

To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question. Many contractors go the route of bringing someone with experience, expertise, and knowledge of accounting on board. This is great for general bookkeeping, but it neglects to solve the software or platform for providing such reporting. Because we can use a cloud-based platform, all of your information is safe and secure with FiveSixTwo.

You can easily access past reports, compile year-end information for compliance and rest easy knowing that everything is backed up. The cost of utilizing such a platform is much less than an additional salary and benefits.

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